Structural Repair (Overview)

Settlement of buildings, homes, additions, and swimming pools is a serious problem that affects many owners in Florida. Because of Florida's geological history, the type of shallow surface soils that support our buildings are relatively loose sands, clays, and decaying organic material.
The most common visual indicators of foundation settlement are:
1. Noticeable slopes in concrete floor slabs or floor framing.
2. Cracks in exterior or interior walls, wider than 1/16".
3. Misalignment of doors or windows (doors rubbing).
4. Gaps below baseboards or above interior walls.
5. Cracks in the exterior masonry.
The most common visual indicators of swimming pool settlement are:
1. Uneven waterline compared with the pools tile line.
2. Cracks in the pool tank, pool tile, and/or the coping.
3. Excessive sloping and/or cracking of the pool deck.
While most homeowners are aware of problems with their home or swimming pool, they may not be aware that weak soil is the cause. The tendency is to treat the symptoms without addressing the underlying soil condition. Of course, this leads to remedies and patches that usually create a much more expensive repair later. Cracks should never be filled or patched until the underlying soil has been strengthened. There are multiple ways to strengthen soil and make repairs, however, not all repair procedures work on all soils. Owners should only consult companies with engineers on staff (such as us) when seeking repair options.

Commercial buildings

Commercial building foundation repairs are services that Certified Structure and Foundation Inc. provides to businesses throughout Florida. Commercial buildings can suffer minor to very extensive foundation and slab distress. Soil related movement and heavy equipment is often a contributor to distress of commercial buildings. Certified Structure and Foundation Inc. can assist you in determining the causes related to your buildings distress. We can also assist you and/or your tenants in repair to your commercial building's foundation.


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Fast Economical Repair

We can provide fast economical repair for your settlement issues. Our crew provides professional experience in performing repairs and we use our own equipment. We do not sub contract any of our work.

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Licensed and Insured

David L. Bryant, is a Registered Structural Engineer (FL Reg. #038154) and General Contractor (License #CGCA25869) in the State of Florida and owns and operates Certified Structure and Foundation, Inc.

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Transferable Warranty

Our Warranty is transferable. If you plan on selling your home in the future, the Warranty for the repairs on the work we performed at your residence is transferable to the new home owner.


Underpinning is the process of modifying an existing foundation system by extending it into subsurface strata that is deeper and more stable than the near surface soil that supports the existing foundation system. This is done to provide vertical support that is not present in the existing design. Methods of underpinning include the construction of footings, stem walls, driven piling or drilled piers.
Many of the houses that forensic engineers and repair contractors are asked to evaluate were constructed with foundations that are inadequate for the conditions existing on site. Because of the lack of suitable land, homes are often built on marginal land that has insufficient bearing capacity to support the substantial weight of a structure. As a result, underpinning is required to extend the foundation support to depths that provide greater bearing capacity and/or are less affected by climate, soil conditions and/or homeowner's actions. This underpinning, if properly designed and installed, provides the basis to lift the structure to a more acceptable elevation and provides vertical support to prevent the underpinned area from settling.


Foundation Settlement Repair

Depending on the depth of the weak soil condition below the foundation, in most cases cement pier foundations can be used. This is a more economical option

Cracked Walls

Cracks in walls are typically a sign of a settlement issue taking place below your foundation. Over time this will get worse and other issues may become present.

Crawl Space Foundation Repair

If your floors or walls are settling in a home with a crawlspace foundation, we can help! We can repair and replace damaged or missing concrete piers.

Helical Piers

Where deeper soil conditions exist, we can install "Chance" Helical Piers. We are a certified "Chance" Helical Installer.

Pressure Grouting

Voids under slabs and foundations can be pressure grouted by injecting pressurized cement grout in those locations. This can stabilize and even level uneven floors.

Mud Jacking/Slab Jacking

sloping, cracking, and sinking Patio Slabs, and driveways can be Mud Jacked and leveled using this method.

Concrete Spalling Repair

Rusting rebar and cracking block walls in the corners of your home is not a pretty sight! We can remove and replace the damaged rebar and pour new concrete corners with closely matching stucco.

Pool Tank Repair

Is your pool tank cracked? Is it leaking? We can help! We can pressure grout behind the pool tank in the problem areas, filling the voids and sealing the tank.

Pool Deck Repair

Is your pool deck cracked and sinking? No Problem, we fix pool decks throughout Central Florida on a weekly basis. Call us to schedule your FREE Inspection today!

Commercial and Industrial Soil Stabilization

We can provide soil stabilization for a host of applications, large silos, hollow factory floor slabs, loading docks, even launch pads. Call us to discuss you soil stabilization needs.

Pre-Construction Pressure Grouting

Buidling a new home? We can Pressure Grout the soil below the new foundations before they are poured. This will strengthen the soil and stop future settlement issues before they begin.

Abandon in Place

Do you have underground pipes that need to be abandoned in place? We have you covered! We can pressure grout the pipes, filling them with cement grout.

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Privacy and Retaining Wall Repair


The following article appeared in the Saturday, November 24th edition of Florida Today in the Space Coast section.

Do You Have That Sinking Feeling?

By David Bryant P.E. Certified Structure and Foundation, Inc.
Settlement of homes, additions, swimming pools, and porches is a serious problem that affects many homeowners in Florida. The obvious signs of settlement are cracking of your walls, doors or windows not closing properly, and sloping of your floor slab or outside corners of your home. If there are cracks in your pool or the waterline is uneven then you may have abnormal settlement. Most contactors are not engineers and do not have the expertise to properly repair buildings with settlement problems. Therefore, before you do anything, contact CERTIFIED STRUCTURE AND FOUNDATION, INC. for a soil test and engineering analysis of your problem.
As a structural engineer with over 30 years of experience solving settlement problems, I can help you decide how to repair your home properly and economically. Never try a "do it yourself" fix of your settlement problem! Digging around or below your foundation and pouring concrete is a bad idea. The weak soil causing your problem is typically deeper and the additional weight (of the concrete you poured) will only accelerate the settlement. If you do have settlement problems at your home, business, or the condominium where you live, we offer inspections, soil testing, and engineering opinions covering a full range of repair options.
The most common and economical repair technique is "pressure grouting" which consists of injecting cement grout into the weak soils beneath your foundation, usually beginning at a depth of 10 feet. If your home has experienced excessive settlement, it may require "underpinning" of the foundations using piers or piling to transfer the foundation loads to deeper, more stable soils. In most cases, your foundation can be lifted back to its original elevation. Of course, you want the most economical repair solution, therefore, you would not want to underpin your home with piling capable of supporting a five story building when pressure grouting will solve your problem for a fraction of the cost. To stabilize minor settlement of one corner of your home should cost approximately $3,200 dollars for labor and materials.
To underpin and lift one corner with excessive settlement could cost much more. That is why it is very important to strengthen the weak soil as soon as you notice a problem. Contact our office for your inspection and soil test. We will perform a thorough investigation of your settlement problem and test the soil to a minimum depth of eight feet. At that point, we will be able to make engineering recommendations, which usually include several options for repair and their associated costs. I would advise anyone with a settlement problem to "Do your homework" and get a qualified engineering opinion before you spend money to fix your building. We are the best in the business and we offer the best warranty. See our ad below and call us at 321-242-1003. We also offer a wide range of engineering and construction services that are beyond the scope of this article.
David Bryant P.E. is a Registered Structural Engineer (FL Reg. #038154) and General Contractor (License #CGCA25869) in the State of Florida and owns and operates Certified Structure and Foundation, Inc. Over the past 30 years, he has designed, built, and repaired almost every kind of structure imaginable from single family homes and high-rise condominiums to launch pads for NASA.

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